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When I started working less and being at home more, I realized that I actually had time to enjoy my children. I was able to kick back, relax, and play with them each and every day. It was really incredible to see the difference that those simple actions made in our relationship. My kids and I were closer, and they started confiding in me with the things that they were worried about. This blog is all about enjoying your family and knowing how to improve your relationships with your kids. You never know, you might be able to dramatically improve your way of life.



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The Benefits Of Counseling For Children Coming Home From Abusive Foster Care

Many parents today are dealing with their children being taken by child protective services. Not every child taken from their parents has experienced physical or sexual abuse. One of the saddest facts for a child that has never been abused in any way by his or her parents is when the abuse happens in foster care. Learn more about how counseling can help your child with security issues and post traumatic stress syndrome after coming home from an abusive foster care situation.

Counseling Is A Good Idea For The Whole Family

When a child is taken from their parents, it is a scary experience. Moving into a home with complete strangers can be even more frightening, even when the foster care parents are loving and kind. However, when a child is placed with foster parents that are abusive, fear can take on a whole new meaning for that child. When you get your child back and have to soothe the fears and anxieties your child has, you will also have to deal with the after effects of the abuse from foster care. Many children experience the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. In this kind of situation, counseling can play a great role in providing you the guidance you need as a parent. Taking steps to see a psychologist or mental health counselor as soon as possible is a good idea for helping you better manage the circumstances.

Positive, Healthy Reassurance Is Good Medicine

For parents getting a child back from foster care, making sure that child knows he or she will not be taken again is paramount. This type of reassurance can be tough to achieve. With the help of professional counseling, however, you will have the tools necessary to provide the constant reassurance your child needs. You may face times when you child does not believe you. There may be times when your child lashes out at you because he or she blames you for the foster care abuse he or she endured. For a parent that loves their child and has never abused him or her in any way, this can be quite an emotional blow. For these reasons, visiting a counselor is the best way to go for creating the safety and security net you and your whole family will need when you child comes home from an abusive foster care situation.

While the healing may be tough on you as a parent, always considering what your child went through when you weren't there is extremely important. By learning more about how to deal with these kinds of emotions, you and your family have greater chances of becoming strong again. For more information, contact an outpatient treatment center like Hope House Inc.